Asp.Net in Apache 2.2

We are busy on a project that requires the application to be run on a windows 2003 server running Apache 2.2 as the primary internet server. Since IIS can run PHP applications, I figured that Apache would run dotnet without any problems. As it turns out there is a module for running dotnet application. It is however not very well supported and you have to make sure you get the Apache 2.2 version, which can be found here

Dr Google pointed me to a very good tutorial for setting this up here, but I needed to configure it slightly differently as I have a whole lot of different virtual hosts. So this is very basically how my http.conf is setup

First off, with all the other modules you need to:

LoadModule aspdotnet_module "modules/"

You then need to add a pointer to the Client files like this:

#AddHandler fro
 AddHandler asax ascx ashx asmx aspx axd config cs csproj licx rem resources resx soap vb vbproj vsdisco webinfo 
 AliasMatch /aspnet_client/system_web/(\d+)_(\d+)_(\d+)_(\d+)/(.*) "C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v$1.$2.$3/ASP.NETClientFiles/$4" 
  <Directory "C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v*/ASP.NETClientFiles"> 
    Options FollowSymlinks 
    Order allow,deny 
    Allow from all 

And then finally, you configure your virtual host:

    ServerName server.aspnetsite
    DocumentRoot "D:/httpd/aspnetsite"
   AspNetMount / "D:/httpd/aspnetsite" 
   #Alias / "D:/httpd/aspnetsite" 
   <Directory "D:/httpd/aspnetsite"> 
   Options FollowSymlinks ExecCGI 
   Order allow,deny 
   Allow from all 
   DirectoryIndex Default.htm Default.html Default.aspx default.aspx


As you can see, I have mounted using the root (/). This is because I want my site to run from the root of my virtual host. If I wanted it to run form a virtual directory, I would have had "/Virtual" and then I would need to uncomment the "Alias" and specift "/Virtual" for that as well.

Hope this helps out for those who need it!