Microsoft fails me again

Last month, I wrote about my problems with syncing my windows mobile phone with Outlook 2010 64-bit. I tolerated this, on the hope that it will be corrected/remedied at some point. Added to that it did not directly affect my ability to get my work done. The second issue is a lot more troublesome as it is effecting my ability to get a job done. For some reason, when shipping the 64-bit office, Microsoft decided to not upgrade their common controls to 64-bit (MSCOMCTL.OCX). As a result of this all our access applications that make use of this suddenly do not work, and there is no workaround that i can find quickly. Anyway, since I needed to get something done, and a case of 2 strikes, 64-bit office has now been replaced to 32-bit office. Not ideal, but I have no choice. Microsoft, in future, please make sure you are ready to release software!