Samsung Galaxy S (GT i9000)

I have just ownership of the new Samsung Galaxy S, and have to say I am impressed. I was due for an upgrade in April, but the HTC Desire just didn't seem to gel with me, particularly because I knew that the Samsung was due. I was very happy with my previous (then current) Samsung SG-i780, so I decided to wait.

First impression were fantastic. The phone i packaged in a sexy black box with silver embossed writing.

2010-08-30 21.12.44 2010-08-30 21.12.33

As for the phone - thats even sexier, nevermind the 1Ghz processor, the 512Mb Ram or the super amoled crystal clear screen!


These type marketing images dont really do the phone justice as you can only get a real grip of what it has to offer by actually using it.

So what's good about it?

1. Android - A fantastic well structured and visually appealing operating system. I have owned 3 windows mobile phones previously, and i am afraid to say that they have missed the curve. By the time that winmo 7 comes out, I reckon close to 50% of the faithful winmo users will have switched to android by then.

But android i just like the iphone? sure it is, except the os is open source, the battery and sd are replaceable, its faster and its not an apple

With Eclair 2.1 also comes a fantastic Home screen. 7 different customisable screen that are clear and easy to customise with all options that you need. Some nice widgets available by default. Normally, I need to download customisations, edit config and XML files and do all sorts of tricks to get my phone how i want it. With this, everything i needed was available out of the box except for  a few minor easily available downloads.

2. Applications - There are a plethora of applications that make your job that much easier. I have already needed to use an RDP app to reboot a server on the weekend when my electricity was off. I was easily able to browse the computer through RDP at a usable resolution of 1280 x 780 with full mouse support.  I was able to easily replace all my regular apps from my i780 with better more functional ones.

3. The screen - the screen is crystal clear and super responsive.

4. the Hardware - yep..its fast.

5. The Phone - lets not forget the phone. It irritates me when you see ads that describe all the functionality of the phone except the actual phone. The phone is clear with big digits. Contacts are easy to find through 3 different mechanisms:

  • Google search bar on the home page - just start typing the contacts name
  • The phone numbers - start typing the number or the associated letter for the name and it will search a combination of number or firstname or lastname
  • The Contacts tab - search or quick access to the alphabet letters to position the contact list at the appropriate letter

Not sure if i like the swipe to answer function though...

Messaging is also easy and SMS messages are presented in a conversation as opposed to a listing of messages - nice concept and easy to follow

6. Synchronisation - As expected, calendar and contacts sync easily and seamlessly with my Outlook. I can also access my email. I would be interested to see if it syncs with 64-bit outlook (although not even winmo phones can sync with 64-bit outlook!)

7. Swype - Typing with Swype is possibly the greatest invention since predictive test. You cannot explain it unless you experience it. Just used it again and typing is fast

8. The Rest - Battery is not terrible if you do the necessary tweaks. Wifi is good. There was a reported wifi problem, but it looks as if 2.1 has sorted that out. GPS works well in what i have tested - although for navigation we dont get voice directions in South Africa (Still need to verify this)

All in all, I am very pleased!