Cycling South Africa Management System

csaLogoQuartex technologies implemented the Cycling South Africa (CSA) member management system in November 2010. The system will enable the CSA to communicate more effectively with its members and streamline administrative processes involved with managing the sport. More importantly, it provides an interface for all cyclists to purchase memberships and racing licenses on line and, in future, will provide a portal allowing them to enter CSA events and access their results and seeding. The system allows the CSA to

  • Maintain a database of members, licensed riders and officials
  • Enable the purchasing of membership and licenses and implement an approval workflow process around these purchases
  • Provide an integrated communications interface in order to communicate with groups of members via email and SMS
  • Capture and present events on an events calender
  • Provide an online entry process for CSA events
  • Calculate seeding indices for the member base

The base system was launched in November 2010. At the time of writing some five thousand cyclists have registered on the system and purchased membership for the 2011 cycling season.

Additional functionality will be implemented over the next few months to provide more features and value for the members, enhance administrative functions for club and province officials and allow online entry companies to access membership status. Cyclists wishing to purchase membership of the CSA can do so here.

Thursday, January 10, 2013