Forestry Web Application

We have recently completed a web-based GIS mapping application for one of the forestry companies in South Africa. The requirements from the client were:

  1. Enable the regional users access to their forestry compartments through a GIS interface
  2. Ensure that the application is behind a secure login
  3. Only enable the regional users to see their data
  4. Allow them to turn layers on and off
  5. Allow them to turn labels on and off
  6. Allow them to change the label and colurs for key layers
  7. Enable the users to create a Pdf printout of a map
  8. Enable the user to measure lines and areas
  9. Enable an administrator to create and manage users

Based upon this requirement we set about developing the application using our mapExchange infrastructure.

As part of the development we created a database driven layer switcher with the ability for users to turn layers and labels on and off. The additional requirement was for certain layers (i.e the compartments) to be customisable in terms of colours, opacity, label field and label size. To accomodate this requirement we set about developing a tab dedicated to managing the compartments.

Layertree Compartments

We then integrated these tools into our mapexchange architecture and presented the client with a password protected web-based GIS application enabling the end user to:

  1. Switch between Farms
  2. Provide the basic zooming and panning tools
  3. Identify features
  4. Provide tools to measure distance and area
  5. Provide a tool to generate a Pdf map output based upon the current view
  6. User administration


Thursday, January 10, 2013