TPC GIS Integration

Phase 1:

This phase was focused around data and information gathering, collation and dissemination. The primary component of this phase was the first on-site visit by the project leader. During this on-site visit, the project leader identified and completed the following tasks:

  1. clarify and confirm the terms of reference
  2. Collate and collect GIS information
  3. Confirm data backup procedures and disaster recovery plans with the IT department
  4. Procure and implement the GIS
  5. Undertake user requirements interviews to ensure that all requirements are met

As part of this phase it was intended to train/assist a new GIS operator in the use of the GIS software. Unfortunately, TPC was unable to employ a suitable candidate in time. As an alternative, in this phase the GIS was setup and standard map outputs prepared for use by the fields department.

Phase 2:

With all the information collected and collated as part of the first phase, the project team was able to finalise the GIS data structure, policies and procedures. Much of the GIS data structure was setup prior to the first phase and during the onsite visit. This phase therefore involved adding any additional features based upon aerial imagery.

The functional design (based upon user requirements) for the GIS and data collection software tools was finalised and sent to TPC for approval. This included:

  1. Prepare a functional specification defining the interface and workflow for the data collection tools (soils quality, water quality, piezometer)
  2. Prepare a functional specification defining the output reporting for the soils, water and piezometer data
  3. Prepare a functional specification defining the linkages to and output reporting for CanePro

The deliverable from this phase was a full functional specification for all software development and data linkages. This was verified by TPC and used by the development team to implement and develop.

Phase 3:

Development was undertaken against the functional specification and all solutions thoroughly tested by the project team. The development phase included:

  1. development of the GIS viewer
  2. Development of the data capture tools for Soils Quality, Water Quality and Piezometer data
  3. Development of data capture tools for boreholes and miscellaneous point features (i.e. Buildings, houses etc)
  4. Development and Configuration of the link to CanePro 

Once the development phase was completed and all tools are thoroughly tested, the solutions were implemented on-site.

Software Deliverables

As part of the implementation the GIs viewer and soils and water quality and Piezometer data management tools were implemented. The following screenshots highlight the software deliverable as implemented at TPC.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013