Ugu DM Infrastructure Audit



Without a clear outline of the current status quo of infrastructure within the district, local government and private sector industries are forced to make development decisions based upon unknown factors. This leads to inefficiencies and in some instances, duplication of effort. Further to this, this audit forms part of a broader local economic initiative to engage with local industry and business to promote further development, growth and sustainability within the district.

The project objectives, as per the terms of reference were:

  1. To develop benchmarks for infrastructure capacity based on industry guidelines
  2. To assess current capacity (demand vs. supply over the past 5 years) and projected capacity requirements (over the next 10 years) for communications, electricity, waste, roads, public transport, bulk water and sanitation and social facilities.
  3. To spatially represent infrastructure and their linkages
  4. To identify opportunities and constraints to development
  5. To provide a focused assessment of infrastructure capacity of key economic assets (CBD's, Industrial areas, development corridors)
  6. To cost the infrastructure gap based upon the capacity projections and anticipated revenue and spend of the functions of the district. The financial input would need to take into account of spending within all spheres of government, parastatals and the private sector. It would need to take into account replacement, refurbishment and O&M requirements.
  7. To prioritise infrastructure needs with stakeholders both spatially and sectorally
  8. To develop alternative service delivery models (including environmentally sustainable) and costing


The project involved a four phased approach:

  1. Phase 1 - Data collection and verification
  2. Phase 2 - Data assessment
  3. Phase 3 - Outputs and data analysis
  4. Phase 4 - Reporting

This project is now complete. The final deliverables included both the report and other documentation together with a spatial data viewer based on the Accuglobe platform.

Thursday, January 10, 2013