We provide strategic consultancy to organisations to enable them to make the best use of GIS information through rationalisation and centralisation of GIS functions and data, skills transfer, training and policies. Having no direct relationship with any particular vendor, and with competency in both commercial and open source solutions we are able to provide a holistic GIS strategy. Typical strategic studies will focus on:

  • Needs analysis
  • Data audit
  • IT audit
  • Skills audit
  • Gap analysis
  • Strategic plan
  • Implementation roadmap


As a "hands on" team of practitioners, we do not stop at defining the strategy, we are also able to assist in implementating the recommendations arising from the strategic study, including:

  • Infrastructure setup
  • Data management policies and practice
  • Data collation and cleaning
  • Training and capacity building
  • Application installation
  • Solution development


Support of any implementation, wether it be a custom ERP or off the shelf software, has zero return on investment (ROI) until it is used and populated. Through our focus on after implementation support, we can leverage the best return on your investment, by assisting you with technical support and data capture and collection