Let us find a solution for you

From consultancy to system integration, our objective is to solve problems, not add to them. Our team of GIS experts and software developers are available to help you find a solution to streamline your business. 



We provide strategic consultancy to organisations to enable them to make the best use of GIS information through rationalisation and centralisation of GIS functions and data, skills transfer, training and policies. Having no direct relationship with any particular vendor, and with competency in both commercial and open source solutions we are able to provide a holistic GIS strategy. Typical strategic studies will focus on:
  • Needs analysis
  • Data audit
  • IT audit
  • Skills audit
  • Gap analysis
  • Strategic plan
  • Implementation roadmap


As a "hands on" team of practitioners, we do not stop at defining the strategy, we are also able to assist in implementating the recommendations arising from the strategic study, including:
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Data management policies and practice
  • Data collation and cleaning
  • Training and capacity building
  • Application installation
  • Solution development


Support of any implementation, whether it be a custom ERP or off the shelf software, has zero return on investment (ROI) until it is used and populated. Through our focus on after implementation support, we can leverage the best return on your investment, by assisting you with technical support and data capture and collection.


Our passion is making GIS work! While lots of people think GIS is about making maps, we like to focus on GIS analysis. Our servers are continiously on the go performing statistical GIS calculations and intersections. If there is a need for an answer, let us help you find it! Our team has spent many years providing GIS and database analysis services including:
  • Hydrological studies and modelling
  • Telecommunications network rollout planning
  • Service delivery analysis
  • Geographical electrical load forecasting
  • Water Network Analysis
  • Demographic growth
  • Settlement patterns and Urban development
  • Target group analysis
If you have a problem that requires some spatial analysis, speak to us and we will find a solution for you.

Custom Solutions

We employ a team of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) and provide development services using the Microsoft .Net framework as the backbone for windows, web and mobile applications. Some recent windows and web developments are:

A research database for Sappi Forests. A combination of:
  • a desktop application for the management and comprehensive processing and analysis of experimental data
  • a web frontend for reporting and extracting processed data for further analysis
Race Organisors Admin Group (ROAG)
  • An eCommerce enabled website based on the Umbraco content management system with customised .Net controls.
SAP Integration
  • Integration of SAP logistics modules with track and trace information to provide spatial and alphanumeric reporting for improving customer care and logistics operations for a large manufacturing company.
Our mobile solutions are directly related to our spatial focus and make extensive use of the network operators Location based services (LBS). Our solutions are usually complimentary to web based applications, extending the features and functionality to mobile devices. We have implemented customised mobile applications for:
  • Panic buttons and personal safety
  • GSM and GPS based track and trace
  • Tourism and hospitality applications for providing addresses and directions to nearby features

Website Development

Although we are not positioned as a web development company, there are many occasions when a website is an integral part of an overall solution. For this reason we have invested considerable time in becoming experts in our favoured content management system (CMS), Umbraco. This is an open source, .NET based CMS engine with extensive functionality which we have utilised successfully in many cases from a few page brochure style website to a complete eCommerce solution. Where required functionality is not available from the Ubraco community, we are able to extend the platform. Some examples of websites we have built using the Umbraco platform are shown below. Our own website is, of course, built on Umbraco. We also have servers installed at a 1st tier ISP, and are able to offer hosting for the sites we develop.
Zululand  ROAG
 Umlalazi Highland -perthshire